Clever insights after the fact.  Really?

I find that most smart people recognize what went wrong, but only the select few are able to help correct a “unstable” situation before it gets out of hand.  Why?

My experience is that the problem derives from the fact that most people have difficulty either challenging authority or challenging the status quo.  Because I’m not one for keeping quiet when I see something that needs to be fixed, I find this hard to stomach and to deal with.

Getting real results involves change.  It doesn’t involve doing the same thing over and over without improvement.  Sometimes the improvements are marginal (like taking an excess strand of string from your newly arrived suit), and sometimes they are large (like improving a process that barely works, and does so with mostly unhappy results).

I believe you stand up to do the right thing before problems occur, rather than waiting for them to happen and then providing clever “insights.”

How about you?

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