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May 23, 2016


Achievelive is an assessment “app” to collect and analyze data about the most difficult source in the world: people.  Most importantly, job candidates and existing staff.  By gathering and analyzing “people data” on a real-time, ongoing basis, Achievelive provides employers, recruiters, and individuals the ability to understand and take action by:

  1. Finding the “best” candidate (for recruiters) instead of sifting through a stack of job applicants;
  2. Finding the “best” job (for candidates) instead of submitting resumes to poor job fits;
  3. Clarifying your/an individual’s fitness for a job or function (strengths, weaknesses…);
  4. Identifying specific skill and competency gaps and recommended training;
  5. Specifying career path, planning and development (e.g., training, learning, activities…) to enable individuals to fit (or improve) within a job or function, or move from one function to another.

Achievelive is intended as a fun and engaging “mind training” and “gaming” app for mobile and daily use for work aged adults at zero cost (for the core version, and minimal cost for the enhanced version).  The market of “mind training” or “brain exercise” gaming apps has 10s of millions of downloads of apps, as well as clinical evidence that brain exercises (e.g., word games, memory, mathematics, English….) actually are a powerful training tools.

A Scientific American article points to the substantial clinical evidence of enhanced brain performance from such games, stating (as an example): “…cognitively normal older adults who trained their brain were able to improve their auditory information processing speed by about 58 percent (versus 7 percent in controls).” They conclude that: “brain exercises that focus on training reasoning skills do translate into long-lasting improvements in daily life” and that “evidence is accumulating that [brain training games] not only improve the skills they are designed to help, but likely generalize to other cognitive abilities and have some long-lasting benefits.”

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