Starweaver is an innovative leader in live and online executive education in information technology, project management, business analysis, finance and business skills subjects. Starweaver courses and workshops are highly customized for our corporate, institutional and governmental clients across a full range of levels, depths and lengths for all types of professionals in the technology, finance, and operations arenas.  Starweaver has have provided world-class expertise in training for many years and across the globe. Starweaver’s live and in-person training has been to 100,000+ individuals, and an additional 750,000+ people have taken our online training courses.

Starweaver’s unique value proposition and expertise includes:

  • An enormously high degree of customer care.
  • Deep knowledge and practical expertise of the subject matter experts (SMEs).
  • Unparalleled results from training programs, with 100% certainty the programs will go superbly.
  • Unique expertise in IT, project management and finance, globally.
  • A creative, innovative and highly customized approach.
  • Unmatched positive client experience (including feedback and references).
  • Dedicated high-level relationship managers ensure perfection and superlative results.
  • Global, multilingual experience (United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, Japan, Australia and Hong Kong, among other locations)