Zappie is a smartphone-based emergency alert system, designed to ensure elderly individuals (our principal “Target Audience”) have instantaneous access to urgent health and safety support (including access to police, fire, ambulance, family, and friends) in the case of an emergency.

With the touch of a digital button on a mobile phone, Zappie sends an authenticated loud and clear emergency text and or voice message to our subscriber’s designated urgent health and safety support network.  This authenticated message also enables both the recipient(s) and subscriber to speak to one another instantaneously, and to enable video conferencing, as needed. The power of Zappie lies in its:

  1. Touch-of-the-button simplicity;
  2. Use of near-ubiquitous mobile and smartphones (no added equipment needed);
  3. No-cost or very low-cost service, and no contracts;
  4. Point-to-multipoint communications connectivity (subscriber to multiple members of their support community; including in text, voice, and video formats);
  5. Fall-Protect Plus™ functionality which automatically detects if an individual has fallen;
  6. Ease of set-up and configuration modification;
  7. Reliance on reliable, standard telephone technology (instead of cumbersome and unsightly fobs and dongles employed by other services);
  8. Global range, availability, and accessibility; and,
  9. Anytime cancellation policy with no charge whatsoever.

Zappie provides a best-practices industry standard safety network for subscribers, and is unlike expensive “medical alert services,” which cost $30-50 per month, charge additional fees of $40-70 per month for GPS functionality, levy activation fees, and (often) lock subscribers into multi-year contracts, which cannot be cancelled.  These other services also don’t provide the many unusual services available through Zappie, including the point-to-multipoint text, voice and video communications.

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